The Journey of 2 lovers

You woke up and got ready for today. he went downstairs and breakfast. Then Taigra walked over to the window and reflected on his sunny surroundings. He had always loved beautiful Easthaven with its bewildered, bloody Buildings. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel happy.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Trinity. Trinity was a grateful smart with cute hands and a slim face. Trinity looked at the beautiful necklace in Taigras hands and felt happy. 

Taigra gulped. He glanced at trinity. She was a brave, proud, pretty hands and beautiful face. Taigra saw her as a light-loving. 

As Trinity stepped outside and Taigra came closer, he could see the condemned smile on her face.

Taigra gazed with the affection of 828 pretty phoenixes. He said, in hushed tones, ” I want to go on a date and I like you.” Trinity looked at the beautiful necklace in Taigras hands and felt happy and Taigra gave it to her.

Trinity looked back, even more, apprehensive and still holding the beautiful necklace. “Taigra, I like you too,” she replied.

They looked at each other with confident feelings. Trinity regarded Trinity cute hands and slim face. “I feel the same way!” revealed Trinity with a delighted grin.

Trinity went home and got ready for their day. Taigra went upstairs and got ready for the date.

Taigra looked charming, her emotions blushing like a flower blooming. He took Trinity to a nice restaurant with piano music playing in the background. Trinity ran and laid down in the flowers. Tiagra grabbed some fruit and sat next to Trinity. He gave Trinity some fruit, and they ate. After they ate they walked around to look at all the flowers. Trinity said she likes the violets. Taigra will keep that in mind for the future. They looked around for a little bit longer then they had to leave. So they got on their horses and headed to Basin Town. They’re about an hour and a half away. A few minutes back on the trip, they ran into some wolves. So they got off their horses and thought some. Taigra ran towards with his sword while  Trinity shooter arrows from a distance.

“Shot the wolves that I can’t see coming at me okay,” yelled Taigra.

“Sure thing,” yelled  Trinity.

After a few minutes, they killed all of them. They made a campfire and cooked some parts of the wolves. Taigra was bleeding on his arms. He got bit on one and cut 3 times on the other.  Trinity cleaned the bit first and bandaged him up. Then cleaned the cut marks and bandaged those too. Then they ate some of the wolves and relaxed. They rest for 20mins. It was getting late, and they were still  40 minutes away. So they got on their horses and went as fast as they could. 30 minutes later they made it to Basin Town. Since it was late, they got a two-bed bedroom at the closest inn. When he got there, he walked to the front desk.

“Hi, can we get a two-bed bedroom,”  asked Taigra.

“Yes, that would be $20,”  replied the lady.

“Ok, here you go,” said Taigra.

The lady gave them a key with a number 26 on it. They went to the room and put their things down. And trinity showered first. While she showered, Taigra got dinner for both of them. He went to the restaurant next to the Inn. he got beef stew and mushroom stew for them to share. when he got back to the room, she was sitting on the bed waiting for him. 

Taigra said, “I’m back, and I brought food.”

Trinity said, “Good, I’m hungry thanks.”

Taigra put the food on the table, and they ate. They were enjoying their food and talking. A few minutes later they finish eating. Taigra cleaned up, then he went to shower.  While he showers Trinity gets ready for bed. When he finished showering, he got ready for bed. When he got out of the bathroom, Trinity I was already sleeping. He packed his things and sharpened his sword before he went to sleep. He sharped Trinity’s arrows too. That took him about an hour. while he was sharpening them he really wanted to ask trinity on a date. But he didn’t have the gut yet. He went to the horses outside and fed them some food. And talk to himself on how he wanted to ask her and where to take her. He made sure their things were locked and secured. He wasn’t tired, so he walked around the town for a little. He looked around and saw a jewelry store. So he went to a jewelry store that was still open and bought a diamond bracelet for Trinity because he liked her for a was a diamond shape of a violet. He would ask her on a date and would give it to her as a gift. Then he walked back to the horses and bit the gift in his bag. 

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