Going Pro

After the game finished, they went to the lobby. They all decided to get off the game and go to sleep. They said goodnight to each other and turned off their PC’s. Marissa grabbed her nightclothes and went to shower. She went to her bathroom and got ready to shower. After a while, she finished showering. She dried off and put on her clothes. Then she washed her face and brushed her teeth. She finished and head to her room. She turned on her led lights and turned off her light. She got in bed and went to sleep. The next morning she woke up at 7:30. She got ready for school. She brushed her teeth and washed her face. Then she put on the clothes she wearing to school. She made sure she had what she needed in her school bag. She went downstairs and had breakfast. She had an egg avocado sandwich. After she finished eating she cleaned her plate. She put her shoes on and went outside. She unlocked her bike and headed to school. She rode her bike to school and when she got to the school she locked up her bike in the bike rack. She walk in the school and headed to her locker. They picked up the book and took their own class. When Liz was in class, she opened the textbook and they started to class. When Marisa was in class, they were taking notes again. Half of their school is lunch. They went to the court yard next to the yellow bench and waited for their new friends online. A few minutes later, a girl in a purple shirt and a skirt came up and asked them if they were Marissa and Liz. Liz and Marisa both nodded. They started talking about games. When they chat, they line up for lunch. A few minutes later, it was their turn to choose lunch. They ate lunch and sat down at the red table in the court yard. They had lunch together while talking about the game. They are talking about their statistics, click-through rate, ranking and all other information. They are very happy. After 30 minutes, the bell rang. It’s time to go to their next class. They all said goodbye to each other and went to class. Liz is in math class, Marissa and Jada are in math class, but the teachers are different. After school, they all met on the bike rack. When they got together, they asked where Jada lived. She said she lives in a house by the lake. The place where Marisa lives, so they say goodbye to Liz and they all go home.

When they all went to their place, they all did housework and homework. Marissa is going to dinner. Liz is still doing homework. Jada is already playing online. After 30 minutes, Marissa and Liz hope to keep going. They joined Marissa’s lobby and waited for a game.After a few minutes, they started a new game. They loaded and selected their actions. They attack first. If an enemy is found or killed by one person, all three of them rush in and kill them. They didn’t take it seriously, they were just happy. They played a lot of games. They had a great time. They had so much fun that they didn’t realize it was almost midnight. So they all talked about the evening and then logged out. They all took a shower and went to bed. The next day, Liz and Marisa got up and went to school. They ate breakfast and then went to school. The two of them met on the bike rack, but Jada was not there. Then Jada woke up, looking at the clock when he was about to be late. So she was ready quickly, made some waffles while wearing shoes, grabbed the waffles, and rode her bike to school. Marisa and Liz are in class. Jada just put the bike on the shelf to catch up with class. She hardly attends classes. When she was walking, the bell rang. The school has started and three of them have started taking notes.After 3 classes they went to lunch. They all met up at Liz’s locker. After they headed to the cafeteria. They chose their lunch and headed to the red-painted table in the courtyard where they always sit. They sat down and started to eat their lunch. They talked about their game and other stuff. After 30 minutes, they throw away their trash and went to their classes. They hang in till the end of the day. When classes were over they went to their lockers. After they went to the lockers they met up at the bike rack. they got their bikes and said see you later to each other. Liz and Marissa went home. Jada rode to the gas station to buy some snacks for herself. While she was getting snacks, Marissa and Liz got home and did their chores.Jada began to ride home. After Jada returned home, she did housework and homework. Marissa and Liz also did their homework. After completing all operations, they are all logged in. After logging in, they joined the Jada lobby. When they joined Jada Hall, they all used guns to customize skins and custom clothes according to their behavior. After a while, they are ready to participate in the competition. They started looking for games. After a few minutes, they began to participate in the competition. When they loaded, they chose their actions. They attack first. When the game started, they rushed from the east side of the restaurant.


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