The New Designer 3

Chapter Three

She got in her car and turned on her car. She took her phone out, searched for some Mexican food. She really wanted a burrito. She had to hurry; she has only 45 minutes today. She found a good Mexican restaurant. She connected her music and headed to the restaurant. After ten minutes she arrived. She parked her car in front of the restaurant. Before she gets out, she grabbed her wallet. She got out and locked her car and went in. She walked in and looked at the menu for the burrito. She waited for her turn. After 5 minutes she was up next. She walked up to order her food.

“Hi welcome, what will you like?” asked the lady.

“Hi I would like your number 17 with extra cheese please,” answered Lisa.

“Ok, will that be all?” asked the lady.

“I will also get a fountain drink and that’s all,” said Lisa.

“Ok, that will be $14.63,” said the lady.

Lisa pulled out her card and handed it to the lady. The lady did her thing and handed the card back to Lisa. The lady handed Lisa her receipt and cup. Lisa grabbed the cup and headed to the drink dispenser. She chose her drink and grabbed a straw and lid. She found a table and sat down. She took out her phone and scrolled through her news page. After a while and a guy came to her table with her food and she said thank you. He placed it on the table in front of her and said no prob. He walks back to the kitchen. She unwrapped the foil around the burrito and prayed. Then she started to eat. She played music on her AirPods and continued to enjoy her food. After a while she was full. She packed everything she didn’t finish in the Togo box and headed out.  She brought her trash to the trash can and put the tray on top. She headed out the doors to her car. She grabbed her keys out of her bag. She unlocked the car and got in. She put her bag and her food on the passenger seat and started the car. She pulled out of the parking lot and headed back to work. When she arrived at her work, she parked her car in the shade. She grabbed her bag and her food. She got out of the car and headed in. she locked her car and put the keys in her bag. She headed to her workshop. she turned on the lights. She put her food in her mini-fridge. She went to the bathroom. When she finished, she washed her hands and head back to her workshop. She pulled out her fabrics and the sweater she was finishing up. She was working on the final touches. After a while, one of her coworkers tells her she is the last one leaving. Lisa said okay and have a good night. She put on her AirPods and played music.

She was putting the last piece for the sweater. When she finished, she put it on a mannequin. She checked the time and saw it is late. She threw away the pieces she couldn’t use and put away the ones she could use. She grabbed her bag and the food from her fridge and headed out. she turned off the lights and locked up the workshop. She heads outside and locked the building. She grabbed her key and unlocked her car, she set her things done and started the car. She heads home. On the way home she saw the car, she had been wanting. The Subaru BRZ. She soon arrived home. When she arrived home, she heated up her leftover lunch. She grabbed a drink from her fridge and sat down. She started eating. After finishing eating, she threw away her trash. She headed upstairs and went to shower. She also brushed her teeth and washed her face. Lisa was so tired and she went to sleep.

Lisa woke up early to go to work. She went to the restroom. When she finished her business, she washed her hands and started to brush her teeth. After she washed her face and started doing her makeup. After half an hour she started to change. She chose here streetwear she wanted to wear. When she finished changing, she headed downstairs and grabbed a metal bar and an energy drink, and headed out. She put her bag on and put her shoes on. She walked out and locked her door. She unlocked her car and headed out. On the way to work, she ate her bar and drank her drink. When she arrived at work she was the first one to arrive. She locked her car and unlocked the door to the workplace. She went to her workshop and set her things in her office. She grabbed her wallet, phone, and car keys. She got back in her car and went to the fabric world across the street to get fabric for her pants project.

When she arrived, she grabbed a shopping cart and headed to the aisle with the fabric she needs. She headed to like seven aisles. She found all the fabric she needed now and headed to the checkout. she paid for it and headed back to work. When she arrived she headed to her workshop and put the fabric on the table and headed to her office and onto her computer. She orders all the accessories she needs for the pants. After paying for it, she grabbed a drink from her fridge and took a small break before she starts putting the pants together. About a few minutes in, she can see some of her coworkers coming in. She went to her office to get her work laptop that had her layout for the pants. She started to work on the pants. She got the tools she needed and connected to the speakers. She played some music and got to work.

When she was working on the pants for a while. She made some mistakes and had to start over several times. She worked on the pants until lunch. She went to her office and went on her computer. She ordered some food to be delivered. She ordered a medium curry katsu with a large Dr. Pepper. She confirmed the order and went back to work. After thirty minutes she got a text saying that the deliverer with her food was about five minutes away. She went to her bag and grabbed ten bucks to tip the driver. She walked to the front of the building. She waited for about two minutes and the driver parked his car and got out holding a bag and a drink carrier. He walked up to her.

“Hi, are you miss Lisa?” asked the guy.”Yes I am,” replied Lisa.

“Ok, here is your food and drink,’ said the guy.

“Thank you very much,” said Lisa.

“No problem,’ replied the guy.

“Here you go,” Lisa said while handing the ten bucks.

“Thank you, have a great day,” said the guy.

“Thank you you too,” said Lisa

Lisa walked back to work and headed to her workshop. She went to her office to eat. She pulled up Netflix on her computer and put something to watch. She untied the bag and took out her food and chopsticks. She started eating while watching. She was enjoying the show and the food. She finished her food and threw away the trash. She just finished the ep of the show and then got back to work. She worked on the pants for another two hours. She took a break and when to the vending machine and bought some candy and ate it in her office. She watched youtube on her phone while eating candy. She started working on her project again. She worked on it for about an hour and a half. She cleaned up and headed out.

She started her car and drove to the grocery store. She put the directions on her phone and checked the time; it was about to be six pm. She followed the direction and arrived at the store. She went in and grabbed a shopping cart. She grabbed some drinks and snacks. She also grabbed some ingredients to last a week. She grabbed some fruits and went to the checkout. She got in line and waited for 10 minutes. There were two people in front of her. It was her turn. The worker started to scan her items. While she scanned there, a worker was putting her stuff in a bag and put in her cart.

“Ok, that will be $123.73,” said the worker.

“Ok,” said Lisa while putting her card in the card reader.

“Here is your receipt,” said the worker.

“Thank you,” said Lisa.

She grabbed her cart and headed to her car. She put her groceries in her trunk and put the cart away. She then headed home. Before she started driving, she put a pickup order for a Korean restaurant near her house. Once she laced her order and paid for it, she started driving. She also played some music through her Bluetooth radio. She drove like 15 minutes to arrive at the Korean restaurant. She got out of her car and grabbed her phone and her wallet. She went in and walked to the sign that said pick-up orders.

“Hi, welcome, how can I help you?” asked a lady behind the counter.

“Hi, I’m here for a pickup,” replied Lisa.

“Oh Ok, Can you please tell me your name?” asked the lady behind the counter.

“My name is Lisa,” answered Lisa.

“Ok,” said the lady while looking through several bags.

“Here you go,” said the lady while handing Lisa a bag.

“Thank you,” said Lisa while grabbing the bag.

“Have a Great night,” said the lady.

“You too,” said Lisa.

Lisa walked out of the restaurant and got in her car. She put the food bag next to her bag on the passenger seat. She started her car and drove to her house. She drove for about seven minutes and arrived at her house. She turned off the car and pressed a button on the roof of the car that opened the garage. She brought her bag and her food in first. She then went back to her car and opened the trunk. She started to bring in the grocery bags. When she finished bringing the bags in she closed the trunk and locked the door. She walked back to the garage and closed the garage. She started to put the things she bought away. She also folded the bags and put them away. When she finished, she brought the food bag and grabbed a drink from the fridge, and headed upstairs.

She put the food and drink on her nightstand. She went and grabbed her foldable table; she sat on her bed and put the table over her legs. She put the food on top and turned on the tv. She put on her show and started eating. She was enjoying the food. She soon finished her food. She put her drink on her nightstand and put her rash in a bag and put it in a trash bin. She put her foldable table away and got back on her bed and continued watching. After three, forty-five-minute episodes, she got up and went to shower. She took a twenty-five-minute shower. After she finished showering, she got ready for bed. She put on her pj’s and brushed her teeth. She also washed her face. She headed to her bed and laid down. She turned on her led lights and turned off the main lights. She grabbed her phone and started to watch videos on youtube and snapgram. She watches funny, games, anime news, and etc videos. After about two hours she started to fall asleep; she put her phone on the charge and went to sleep.

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