The New Designer 2

The New Designer

Chapter Two

Lisa turned on her car and headed home. On the way home, she stops by a Mcdonald’s. She went through the drive-through. She waited for a few minutes then it was her turn. 

“Hi welcome to McDonald’s, order when you’re ready,” said the man on the speaker.

“Hi, can I get your number four with a large Dr. Peper with light ice,” asked Lisa

“Got it, is that all?” asked the man.

“Yes that’s all,” responded Lisa.

“Ok, that will be $10.47 at the window,” said the man.

“Thank you,” said Lisa.

She moved the car forward a little and took out her wallet out of her bag. The car in front of her moved up to the second window so she moved up to the first window. The man said her order and she confirmed it. She gave him her card and waited. The man soon gave her card back with the receipt. She said thank you to the man. He said no problem. She moved to the second window when the car in front of her left.

“Hi, you order the number four with a Dr. Peper with light ice correct?” asked the lady at the window. 

“Yes, I did,” answered Lisa.

“OK, here is your drink, and give us a sec for your food,” Said the lady.

Lisa put her drink in her cup holder and put her wallet back in her bag while she was waiting. After a few minutes, she got her food.

“Here is your food and have a wonderful night miss,” said the lady.

“Thank you so much have a great night also,” responded Lisa.

Lisa put her food on the passage seat and headed home. She turned on her radio and listened to music. She Got on the freeway and enjoyed her ride home. After a few minutes, her exit was coming up. She got off the freeway and continued home. She arrived home and head into her place. She turned off her car and got out of her car. She went to the other side of the car and opened the door. She put on her bag first then she grabbed her food and drink. She closed the door and locked the car. She headed to her front door and went in.

She took off her shoes and headed to the kitchen. She put the food on the counter and headed upstairs. She went to her room and put her bag down. She went to her bathroom and washed her hands. She headed back downstairs and got ready to eat. She turned on her TV and put on a show. She sat down and prayed then started to eat. She enjoyed her food and drink. When she finished eating she throw away the trash and washed her hands. She paused her sho wand turned off the TV. She turned off the lights and headed upstairs. 

She went to her room then to her bathroom she got undressed and took a shower. She was enjoying her shower. After half an hour she got out and dried off. She Put on some clothes and head to her bed. She got on her bed and turned on her TV. She played her show she was watching earlier and got comfortable. She watched a few episodes of her show and while she was watching she fell asleep. 

RANG! RANG! Lisa’s Alarm went off. She woke up and turned it off. She Got out of bed and went to her closet and changed into her streetwear outfit. She headed out her room, door and grabbed her bag on the way out. She headed downstairs and had breakfast. She made herself an egg avocado sandwich. She prayed and ate her food. After she finished eating she clean up her dishes, utensils, and pan. She grabbed her bag from her chair and headed to the front door and put on her shoes. She headed out the door and locked it. She got in her car and turned it on. She connected her phone to her car speakers and played music. She headed to work. On the way, she bought coffee for herself and her coworkers. She waited for her drinks. When she got her drinks she put them in her car and headed to work. She soon arrived at her work. She got out of her car and went to the other side. She put on her bag and grabbed her Drinks. She headed in and handed her team and team leader.

“Hers your drink everyone,” Said Lisa 

“Thank you,” Shouted everyone.

After she handed everyone their drinks she headed to her team leader’s office. She knocks on the door and asked “Can I come in.”

“Yes you may,’ replied the team leader.

“I have your coffee,” said Lisa.

“Thank you very much, Miss Lisa,” said the team leader.

She handed him the drink. She started to walk to the door and he said wait.

“Is there something wrong sir?” asked Lisa.

“Please have a seat,” said the team leader.

“Yes, sir,” said Lisa.

“It has been two months since you started and I was wondering how you like the job so far?” ask the team leader.

“I really like it, and I am already making my first outfit for the brand and have my own workshop,” said Lisa.

“That’s wonderful so keep up the good work,” said the team leader.

She got up and head out of his office. She closed his door and headed to her workshop. She unlocked the door and put her bag down. She got straight to work. She started to work on what she started last night. She organized all her fabric. She started to work. She calmly and slowly put together her project. She was working for a while and started to get tired so she connects to the speakers and started to play music. She was almost done with the sweater. She was really happy with how it’s turning out. She soon finished the sweater. She checked the time and it was almost her lunchtime. So she throws away the scrap pieces she can’t use anymore and gathered all the pieces she can. She grabbed her bag and her keys and got ready to leave.

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