The journey of 2 lovers

They walked to the forest. After a few minutes, they made it to the forest. So they quietly looked around, and Trinity noticed some guys with the crates of diamonds. She thinks it’s the time is that was stolen two days ago from the jewelry store. They scoped out the area. Taigra told Trinity to climb a tree and shoot her arrows from there. And he will flank from the other side. So she climbs a tree and shot from a distance. She shot  2 guys down, but there were still seven more. Taigra attacked while they weren’t looking. Trinity shot two more guys why they were not looking. Taigra took the other four down. Then they got the crates and took it back to the guild. They talked to Lin. She said to take those back to the jewelry store and come back. So they went to the Jewelry store I returned the diamonds. She said thank you very much and give both of them a hundred bucks. They headed back to the guild and talk to Lin. She gave them the reward for the mission. She gave them both a hundred and fifty dollars.

Taigra walked Trinity to her place. Then Taigra invited you over for dinner. She said she’ll love to. She said let me just tell my parents first. Then they both headed to his place. When they got there, he washed his hands and started cooking. First, he cooks the rice. Then he fries the pork and cooks the egg. After a few minutes, he finished cooking. He called his mom down. He puts the food on the table and pours the tea into cups. They all sat down I ate. They said thank you for the food. They enjoyed food and drinks. about 30 minutes later they finish eating. It was getting late, so Taigra walked Trinity home. When they arrived at her home, she said thank you for the food again and walked into her house. Next, he went home.  She cleaned up the table I put away the dishes. When he finished, he went upstairs and took a shower. After a few minutes, he got ready for bed and went to sleep. The next morning he got up and got ready for the day. He brushed his teeth and washed his face. Then he went downstairs and made himself breakfast. He made a race omelet. He made one for his mom, too. Then he went upstairs and got his mom for breakfast. She came downstairs and sat down at the table. A few minutes later they started eating and enjoyed still good for you that Taigra made for them. Taigra went to get them drinks. Then they finished their food. Taigra cleaned up the plates and cleaned the table. Then he got ready and headed to the field with monsters to practiced. He fought some monsters for a while. Then he went to the forest with stronger monsters. He stayed for a while, then he wandered deeper into the forest. Then he wondered up in front of a cave. He was interested in what’s inside, so he went in. It was dark, so he pulled out a torch. There were some monsters in there, so he cleared it all. He found a room with a lock. So Taigra broke the lock. He there was a sword made of the strongest material. It was called the Elucidator. It made of High Carbon Steel, Quenched Blackened, 3/4 Tang. There was a letter next to it and it says. “If you want the other sword, go here.” There was a location on it. He picked up the sword and put it on his waist. He left the cave and fought more monsters. Then he went to a boss’s area to test the sword. When he arrived, the boss ran quickly towards him. He stepped back and pulled out the sword. He got on his unique stands and the sword glowed purple. And he ran towards the boss and slashed him once, then the boss fell on its face and was dead. Then the boss’s body disappeared, and a crystal fell. Taigra walked up to the crystal and its name was Tanzanite. Taigra picked it up and put it in his bag.  he headed back home. when he got home, he showered and cleaned up. He got ready and headed to a jewelry store. When he arrived at the jewelry store, he showed the lady the crystal. And asked what can I do with this Crystal. She responded I can make it into a bracelet and necklace or a ring. He said can you please make it into a necklace. Okay now will be $120. He pulled out the money and give it to her. She said he’ll be ready in three days. He went home and went to sleep.

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