The Fastest Girl Racer

There was a lady standing in front of a Nissan dealership. She was standing in front of a Nissan Skyline Gtr R34 .

She said, “I want it!” to the dealer man.

The man said, “OK Follow me this way miss.”

They went to his office and talked about detail.

“What type of colors do you want on your car?” the man asked

“I would like metallic purple on the  doors, hood, and trunk then midnight purple on the rest.” said the lady.

“Ok anything else you want to add?”

“Yes, I would like purple seat belts and  dark pink leather seats and metallic rainbow shift knob. That’s it.”

“Ok what’s your name?”

“ My name is Emily.”

“Ok that’s it. Your Car will be done in a month to a month and a haft.” said the man nicely 

Have a good day Emily.” said the man kindly. 

A Month and a half  Later…

“Ring ring ring”

“ Hello?”  asked Emily

“Yes, is this Emily?”asked the man on the phone

“Yes this is her.”  said Emily

“ Your car is done. Are you you free to come and get it?”  said the man on the phone

“ Yeah, I’ll be there in 2 hour OK.” said Emily happily

“Ok see you then.”said the man on the phone

After the call she called her Dad to pick her up and drop her off at the dealership.

30 mins Later

Emily,s Dad showed up and they left. Before they went to the dealership the went to buy some food from Jack in the Box. After, they went to the dealership. 

Emily walk in the dealership while she said bye to her Dad

Then went to the front desk and ask “ I’m here to pick up my new car.”

“What’s is your name and what car your picking up ?”  asked the lady behind the desk

“I am Emily and i’m picking up a Nissan Skyline Gtr R34.”

“Ok go through those doors and turn right.” Said the lady

“Ok”Emily excitedly

Emily started to walking towards the doors  and when she got there her friend was there. Her names was Olivia. They been friends for about a year and a haft  now. The met at a car show and bumped in to each and started to talk with each other from there on.

“What are you doing here?”asked Emily suprisily

“I’m here to see your new car of course.” said Olivia surprisingly

“ Ok” said Emily happily

“Let’s go!” said Emily said excitedly

They both started to walk towards the door. They went through the doors and turned right and the man from the day she bought the car was there and they went to him.

“How are you Emily.”asked the man

“I’m really good , you?” said Emily

“Good, thank you for asking.” said the man

“Who is this?”asked the man

“This is my best friend!” said Emily proudly

“Nice to meet you .” said the man

“Nice to meet you too.”said Olivia

“Are you ready to see your car!?” asked the man

“Yes i am!!” said Emily super excited