Going Pro

Chapter Eighteen

Marissa woke up the next day and got ready for school. Marissa had her breakfast. Then she put her shoes on.  She walked out and left her house, got on her bike, and headed to school. Soon enough she arrived at the school, she went to the bike rack and locked up her bike.  She walked to her locker. She put in her combo and grabbed her books. She closed her locker and made sure it was locked She walked to her first period.  When she walked into the class she sat down at her usual spot. In the back next to the door. The class started and the teacher said to get their notebook out. So she grabbed hers and put it on the table. Then the teacher pasted out a worksheet. She said that they need to glue these to pages 56 and 57 of their notebooks. She also said you can work on the next assignment with another student if they wanted. Marissa didn’t want to. So she started to do her work. After fifteen minutes she finished the worksheet. She got up and put it in the turn-in basket. The class was almost over so the teacher put on some student news. A couple of minutes later the bell rang. She grabbed her bag and headed to her next period. Once she got to her next period she went to her assigned seat and took a seat. The teacher said that they were going to be watching a show that will conclude the lesson they been learning for the last couple of weeks. So a student turned off the lights and the teacher started the show. So the next 20 to 30 mins they were watching the show. After the show finished the teacher ask if everyone if had fun learning the lesson in the last couple of weeks. All the students said yes. The teacher said that the can talk and do whatever but just keep it down. a couple minutes later the bell rang and they all went to their next class. Marissa got her stuff and headed to her next period. her next period is on the second floor of the second building so she had to hurry. when she arrived at the class the teacher said to stand next to the wall. So she went and other students did the same. The teacher said she giving new seats for the group project the will be working on.  So the waited for the bell to ring. The bell rang and the teacher started to tell students where to sit. After a few minutes, everyone had a seat and the teacher started to explain the project. The listened to the teacher and the teacher started to pass out the supplies with some of the students. When Marissa’s group got their supplies they started on the project. When class was almost everyone started to clean up their mess. The throw away their scraps. they put away their parts for the project.  So after the bell rang. Marissa grabbed her stuff and headed to her fourth period. On the way to her 4 periods, she bought a drink from a vending machine. When she got to her class she sat at her spot and class started.  They did some worksheets. after awhile Marissa turned in her work and class was almost done. After a few minutes, the bell rang. It was lunchtime so she grabbed her stuff and went and met up with her friends.  When she got in the courtyard she looked around for her friends. She saw her friends so she went to them. Then they went in line to order their food. They made it to the counter and order their food. They grabbed their food and headed to the red bench table. They sat down and the ate their food. They talked about the game and cosmetics the like and the got. After an hour the bell rang. They grabbed their trash and throw it away. They said bye to each other and they went to their class. Marissa left a book at the benches. She rushed back and grabbed her book then rushed to her next class. She finished the rest of the day at school. After school was over she went to her locker and dropped off her books. She went to the bike rack and met up with her friends. They took their bike out and chatted. after a few minutes, they said bye to each other, and Marissa said to them that she will see them tomorrow. That she won’t be playing today. Liz And Jada said OK. They all rode home. Marissa got home and did her chores and homework. When Liz finished she went to eat dinner. She went and ate dinner. When the finished she logged on. Marissa got to her room she turned on her PC and did her homework. After she did her homework she cleaned up her mess. Her mom yells dinners ready. Marissa headed downstairs and ate dinner with her mom and dad. Her mom asks how her school was going. Marissa said it going well. Then her dad said it better be or you won’t play those dumb games. Marissa hurried and finished her food and cleaned her dish. She went upstairs and went to shower. After her shower, she logged on and joined her friends.  They all were changing skins for their character and gun. After a little while, they started looking for a match. after a couple of minutes, they loaded into a game. They chose their ops, gun, and equipment. They were playing on a small map so the spawned in and Marissa headed for a side door and went in. Her friends and random teammate went to other entrances. Marissa slowly crouched behind one of the enemies and knifed him. Jada killed two. Then One of their killed one and got killed. Soon later their other random teammate died. Liz moved up from her spot and saw one but before she can shoot she got killed from behind. it was now two v two Marissa and Jada verses two enemies. Jada killed one then got sprayed down and died. Marissa started to move faster and found the last dude and placed a clay-more in front of the door behind him. Then she shot a random bullet to get him to walk towards the bomb. The enemy turned around and started to walk towards the bomb. Then the timer was about to end right after the enemy realized the timer was about to end he ran out the door and blow up. Marissa’s team won the round. They did the next rounds and they won the game four to one. They played a few more games. They won and lost some of the games. They played for a while then Marissa said she was getting off. She said goodnight and turned off her PC. She brushed her teeth then went to bed.