Going Pro

Chapter Fifteen

Liz and Jada said they were down. Marissa chose a nice outfit to wear to the movies. Jada also put on a nice outfit. Liz put on her skater looking outfit. When Marissa got ready and went downstairs. She was looking for her mom. When she went to the living room her mom was there. She asked her mom if she can borrow the car to go to the movie with her friends. Her mom said sure but to make sure she refills the gas on the way home. Marissa said thank you happily. Marissa was seventeen with a permit but is turning eighteen in a month and a half.

Marissa grabbed her bag and put her shoe on. she grabbed the car key and headed to the car. She turned the car on. She asked Liz and Jada for their address.  A couple of minutes later they both text Marissa back.  Marissa headed to Jada’s house first since she closes to Marissa. When Marissa arrived at Jada’s place, Marissa text Jada she arrived at her place. Jada text back saying he on her way out. Three minutes later Jada walked outside to the car. She got in the passenger side and they headed to Liz’s place.  On the way to Liz’s place, Marissa and Jada were talking. They were talking about their PC set-up.  Soon enough they arrived at Liz’s place. Marissa texted Liz they arrived at her place. Liz texted back saying she will be out. Liz grabbed her stuff and headed to the car. Liz got in the back and they headed to the movie theater. On the way there they were wondering what movie they should watch. While Marissa drove, Liz and Jada were looking up a movie to watch. After a couple of minutes, they decided to watch an action movie called ” impossible mission.” After a few more minutes they arrived at the movie theater. They went in and got in line to get their tickets for the movie.  After they got their snacks. and went to watch the movie. They sat down and they watched the movie. They loved the movie. The head some scares and laughs. After the move, they went to get lunch.

 they all walked to the car and got in. Marissa started the car. She asks everyone what do you want to eat. They are all craving some Ramen.  Marissa started driving. while she was driving she asked Liz and Jada to search up a Ramen Shop. Jada auto shop that was rated 5 out of 5 Stars. They all agreed to go. so Marissa pulled out her phone and put the directions and started heading to the  Ramen shop.    When she got to her room she turned on her PC and did her homework. After she did her homework she cleaned up her mess. Her mom yell dinners ready. Marissa headed downstairs and ate dinner with her mom and dad. Her mom ask how her school was going. Marissa said it going good. Then her dad said it better be or you wont play those dumb games. Marissa hurried and finished her food and cleaned her dish. She went up stairs and went to shower. After her shower she logged on and joined her friends.  They all were changing skins for their character and gun. After a little while they stated looking for a match. after a couple minutes they loaded into a game. They chose their ops, gun, and equipment. They were playing on a small map so the spawned in and Marissa headed for a side door and went in. Her friends and random teammate went to other entrances. Marissa slowly crouched behind one of the enemy and knifed him. Jada killed two. Then One of their killed one and got killed. Soon later their other random teammate died. Liz moved up from her spot and saw one but before she can shoot she got killed from behind. it was now two v two Marissa and Jada verses two enemies. Jada killed one then got sprayed down and died. Marissa Started to move faster and found the last dude and placed a clay-more in front of the door behind him. Then she shot a random bullet to get him to walk towards the bomb. The enemy turned around and started to walk towards the bomb. Then the timer was about to end right after the enemy relized the timer was about to end he ran out the door and blow up. Marissa’s team won the round. They did the next rounds and they won the game four to one. They played a few more games. They They won and lost some of the games. They played for awhile then Marissa said she was getting off. She said goodnight and turned off her PC. She brushed her teeth then went to bed.

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