Going Pro

Chapter Fourteen

After they barricaded the doors and windows they were going to defend the bombs in both storage room on the second floor. They chose their ops they will be using. When they spawned in the all went to somewhere to watch from an angle.

The attackers are coming. 2 enemy rushed front entrance and  Liz killed one but the other on killed her.  The enemy went to site A but another 2 rushed throw a door in site A and killed all the teammate and Jada. Now its Just Marissa. She went to the stair and rushed to the other stairs. She saw one enemy camping on the bottom of the stairs. instead of spraying she calmly aimed for the head and shot one bullet and killed him.  Then she went back to the spot she was watching and in the hall and 2 guys were watching the door to Site A and site B entrance. She slowly went to the enemy at the entrance of A. Marissa got close and knifed him and ran to a corner. The enemy watching site B walked to the door of site A and saw his dead teammate. So he went closer to the door then Marissa turned the corner and sprayed him with her MP7 and rushed to site A where the last enemy was trying to defuse. But before he finished she throw a poison gas and the guy try running out but once he got to the door he got knifed. Marissa Won the round and they went to they next. The score is 2 to 0. The next round they lost. But the next round they won and the next. They won the game. The final score was 4 to 1.

They went to lobby and took a small break. They got snack and ate some. Soon after the all got ready to play. They started to search for a game. After a few minutes they were loading in to a new match.  They loaded in and chose their ops. They were attacking first. All three of them just rushed in and killed them if they found an enemy or got killed by one. They weren’t taking this serious they were just having fun. They played a lot of matches just messing around. They were having so much fun. They were having so much fun that they didn’t realize it was almost midnight. So they all said night and logged off. They all went to shower and went to bed.

They woke up and got ready for school. Marissa had cereal for breakfast. Liz had waffles for her breakfast. Jada had a egg sandwich for breakfast. They they all got on their bikes and road their bike to school. When they got to school, they put their bikes in the rack. Then they went to their lockers. They all went to their class. They all went to their classes then went to lunch. The got their food then sat at the red bench table. The ate their lunch. When lunch was over they went to the rest of their classes.

When they all got to their places, they all did their chores and homework. Marissa had dinner before getting on. Liz was still doing her homework. Jada and Marissa are already online playing. 30 minutes later Liz hoped on. Liz joined Marissa’s lobby and they wait for a match to be found.

After a few minutes they were loading in to a new match.  They loaded in and chose their ops. They were attacking first so they had to wait a few more minutes to spawn in. After a couple minutes they spawned in they rushed in from the back. They Jada went in first and killed 2 guys off the bat. Liz went up stairs and killed a guy and died to another dude. Marissa went were Liz died and lit up one guy but he killed her first. Jada moved in from the main stairs. She saw a guy but before she was able to shoot a guy killed her from the bottom of the stairs. their teammate were the last on alive one died soon after. Now the last dude on their team was alive. He was playing carefully but fast. He turned the corner and kill a guy. Then he moved to the gas tanks and started to defuse. The defuser was  placed now all he had to do is defend the defuser.  The enemy tried and throw a smoke and rush in but got shot when he ran in. And won the round. The rest of The rounds they lost two match and won two. So the final score was three to two.

They went to lobby and played another match. The score was one to four. After a few game they played another match.  When they finished that game the lost. The score was two to three. They were tired so the all decided to log off. The said goodnight and turned of their PC. Marissa went shower then straight  to bed. Liz and Jada had their dinner and showered after.  Then they both went to sleep. The next morning they all woke up. It was Saturday so Marissa decided to text the others if they wanted to go to the movies together. Liz and Jada said….

Going Pro

Chapter Thirteen

When she got to her room she turned on her PC and did her homework. After she did her homework she cleaned up her mess. Her mom yell dinners ready. Marissa headed downstairs and ate dinner with her mom and dad. Her mom ask how her school was going. Marissa said it going good. Then her dad said it better be or you wont play those dumb games. Marissa hurried and finished her food and cleaned her dish. She went up stairs and went to shower. After her shower she logged on and joined her friends.  They all were changing skins for their character and gun. After a little while they stated looking for a match. after a couple minutes they loaded into a game. They chose their ops, gun, and equipment. They were playing on a small map so the spawned in and Marissa headed for a side door and went in. Her friends and random teammate went to other entrances. Marissa slowly crouched behind one of the enemy and knifed him. Jada killed two. Then One of their killed one and got killed. Soon later their other random teammate died. Liz moved up from her spot and saw one but before she can shoot she got killed from behind. it was now two v two Marissa and Jada verses two enemies. Jada killed one then got sprayed down and died. Marissa Started to move faster and found the last dude and placed a clay-more in front of the door behind him. Then she shot a random bullet to get him to walk towards the bomb. The enemy turned around and started to walk towards the bomb. Then the timer was about to end right after the enemy relized the timer was about to end he ran out the door and blow up. Marissa’s team won the round. They did the next rounds and they won the game four to one. They played a few more games. They They won and lost some of the games. They played for awhile then Marissa said she was getting off. She said goodnight and turned off her PC. She brushed her teeth then went to bed.

The next day she got ready for the day. When she finished getting ready she went to eat breakfast.  She had a egg sandwich. After she cleaned up her mess she went and put her shoe on. She got on her bike and rode to school. When she got to school she put her bike in the bike rack. She saw Jada and went to catch to her. They talked then said see you later to each other. Marissa went to her locker and grabbed her books. Then headed to her class. After her first four classes She met up with her friends for lunch. The ordered and grabbed their lunch. The sat at the red bench table and ate their food. After the bell rang they throw away their trash and said by to each other.  Marissa headed to her next class. After she finished her last three classes she went to her locker and dropped off her books. The she went to her bike and went home. She did her chores. When she finished her chores she did her homework. After doing her homework she went down stairs and ate dinner. She ate dinner with her mom. Her dad was at work. The talked and enjoyed their food. After dinner she cleaned the dishes. She had some ice cream for dessert. After she cleaned her bowl and spoon. She then went up stairs. She went o her room and chose her clothes for bed and went to shower.  She played music while she showered. After a fifteen mins passed she got out the shower and dried off. She went to her room and put clothes on. She went back to the bathroom and did her face care routine. After she finished she went to her room and turned on he PC.

When she got on, she went to the game to open but there was a update. She pressed update and waited. After fifteen minutes the game finished updating. She opened the game and waited for it to open. When she logged on her friends were in a game.  While she waited she played some situations.  When her friends finished they invite her. Marissa joined them and the said hi to each other. They opened some crates and chatted in the lobby. They were having fun. They finaly decided to search for a game. They waited for the game to find a match. While they waited they were saying jokes and having fun. They finally got loaded in to a match. They chose their ops, gun, and equipment. They where defending first. They barricaded the doors and windows.