Going Pro

Chapter ten

When the game started. They loaded in and chose their ops. That game the lost bad the score was 1 to 4. So they went into their next game. They were on the defending team so they went to site B and defended.  The attackers were coming to attack.  Liz was watching the stairs while Marissa was watch wind in case they rappel up. Their teammates defended site A. Marissa went to roam And she killed 2 at the front of the front door. and killed another in the kitchen. and killed on on B stairs and knifed the last one camping in a corner. She aced. Liz was going crazy and her teammate were cheering and the enemy was get upset and started to go try hard the next round.but 2 were killed by Marissa And one by Liz and the last 2 by their teammates. Now Marissa and her team were attacking the score is 2 to 0. The other team was so mad they surrendered so that mean they won the game.Marissa’s team killed 2 of the attackers put 2 of them got killed. Marissa told Liz to go help their last teammate defend workshop and she will stay and defend kids room. Liz said ok and went to the workshop. Their teammate killed one but was killed. Now its 2v2 but then Liz was killed.  Now its 1v2. Marissa killed one when he walked down the hall. Marissa was hit a few time but now she low health. The last enemy knew where she was and he shot through the wall and got her. Now the 2 to 1.  Now they were attacking. That round the defender rushed out and killed them all so they lost that round the score is now 2 to 2. Now they were defending.  Their teammates said they were going to rush out and try to kill them. Marissa said OK. So they rushed out but they only kill 2 of the enemy but damage the others. So now its a 2v3. Marissa and Liz were defending garage. So they both found a angle and  defended  the best  they could. One enemy rushed in but got shot down by Liz. The other blow a hole in the wall to their right and Liz was killed. Marissa kill one but could not see the last one so she went tot a different angle and wait for the enemy to come in. the last one was coming from behind her but before he could shoot Marissa heard his foot step and turned around and killed him. ant won that round. The won the whole game. the final score was 3 to 2. It was a close call win. Marissa was so happy because she was the MVP of the game with 11 kills and a score of 3296. they went to lobby and got ready for their next game. They both went to get some water and snack. They took a 30 min break. After 30 mins they got back on and got ready for their next game. This was going to be their last one for the night.

they got ready for the match. The attackers were coming. Marissa was watching the the room entrance while Liz was watch window in case they rappel up. The rest of their team was defending site B and one of their teammate killed one but got killed by the enemy’s teammate. Marissa heard one heading for the entrance and she waited till come throw the door. Once she saw the body she killed him.  Then Their teammate killed the rest. Then the second round was about to start. They chose their ops and the round started. This time they were attacking. They found out that site B was in master room and site B was in kids. Then Marissa went through the top of the house. She rappelled to the wind and broke it and went in. While Liz went through the back. Liz Broke the barricaded door and went in.  Liz saw a guy camping so she aim at the head and killed him instantly. Head-shot. Marissa when to a door that leads to Site B. Then she saw two guys and tried to kill them both before they start shooting her. She killed one and hurt the other one but she got killed by their teammate. Liz saw that Marissa died. So she was moving into site B and the teammate went to site A from a different direction. Liz saw no one but her teammate killed the rest the round was over. For the last round they defended. So they wanted to win so the did a spawn peek. The all went to a different angel and rested out and kill the enemy team it was a successful rush the got all the enemy’s and ended the game. The both said good night and logged off.

Going Pro

Chapter nine

They woke up and got ready for school. Marissa had waffles for breakfast. Liz had Cereal for her breakfast. They they both road their bike to school. When they got to school, they both went to their lockers. They grabbed their book, and headed to their own classes. When Liz got to her class she opened her class book and they started their lesson. When Marissa got to her class they were doing notes again. After half of their classes it was lunch. They went to the court yard next to the yellow bench to wait for their new friend they made online. After a few minutes a girl in a purple shirt and a skirt walk up and ask if they were Marissa and Liz. Both Liz and Marissa nodded their heads. They started to talk about the game. While they  talk, they went in line to get their lunches. A couple minutes later it was their turn to chose their lunch. They got their lunches, and sat down at the red painted table in the court yard. When they sat down the girl said her name was Jada .They ate their lunches while talking about the game. They were talking about their stats, kills, rank, and everything. They were having fun. 30 minutes later the bell rings. It was time to go to their next class. They all said bye to each other, and headed to their classes.  Liz had math class while Marissa and Jada had math but different teachers. After school was over they all met up at the bike rack. When they got together, they ask where Jada lived. She said she lives in the house near the lake. That where Marissa lived so they said bye to Liz and they all went home.

When they all got to their places, they all did their chores and homework. Marissa had dinner before getting on. Liz was still doing her homework. Jada was already online playing. 30 minutes later Marissa and Liz hoped on. They joined Marissa’s lobby and they wait for a match to be found.

After a few minutes they were loading in to a new match.  They loaded in and chose their ops. They were attacking first. All three of them just rushed in and killed them if they found an enemy or got killed by one. They weren’t taking this serious they were just having fun. They played a lot of matches just messing around. They were having so much fun. They were having so much fun that they didn’t realize it was almost midnight. So they all said night and logged off. They all went to shower and went to bed. The next day Liz and Marissa got up and got read fr school. they had breakfast and headed to school. They both met up at the bike rack but Jada wasn’t there. Then Jada woke up and looked at the clock she was going to be late. So she got ready quick and made some waffles while getting her shoes on and grabbed the waffles and head to school on her bike. Marissa and Liz went to there class. Jada just put her bike in the rack and sprinted to her class. She barely made it to class. When she walked in the bell rang. School started and all three of them already were taking notes.  After 3 class they went to lunch. They all met up at Liz’s locker. After they headed to the cafeteria. They chose their lunch and headed to they red painted table in the court yard where they always sit. They sat down and started to eat their lunch. They talked about their game and other stuff. After 30 minutes, they throw away their trash and went to their classes. They hanged in till the end of the day. When classes were over they went to their lockers. After they went to the lockers they met up at they bike rack. they got their bikes and said see you later to each other. Liz and Marissa went home. Jada rode to they gas station to buy some snacks for herself. While she was getting snacks, Marissa and Liz got home and did their chores. Jada started to ride home. When Jada got home she did her chores and homework.  Marissa and Liz did their homework too.  After they were all done they all logged on. When they logged on they joined Jada lobby.  When they joined Jada lobby they all custom skin on their guns and clothes on their ops. After awhile they were ready to go in a game. They started a search for a game. After a couple minutes they loaded into a match. When they loaded they chose their ops. They were attacking first.